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NLGJA ListservsYou can use NLGJA's listservs to:Communicate your thoughts about current journalism topics.Announce job openings, or that you are looking for a job.Post links to articles, segments or media of interest, including things you may have written or produced.Something for Everyone

With listservs geared toward chapters, broadcast, different beats (such as arts, crime, business, sports, travel), subgroups within NLGJA (such as freelancers, different media companies, women) and more, there really is something for everyone. All new members are automatically signed up for NLGJA's general discussion listserv.

General Listservs

  • nlgja-discuss (a general discussion listserv)
  • nlgja-rapidresponse (a listserv that is part of our core mission)

Chapter Listservs

How to Subscribe Click on the link and enter your email.

You will be notified when your listserv subscription is approved.

Customizing Your Subscription

  1. Once you have subscribed to at least one listserv, you can customize your subscription through NLGJA's listserv portal.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the list
  4. Enter your e-mail address and listserv password. You will then be able to use this portal to make changes to your listserv account and subscriptions.


Click here to read NLGJA's listserv guidelines. If you have any questions about NLGJA's listservs or if you are interested in starting a new listserv, please contact NLGJA at info@nlgja.orgor 202-588-9888. Also, use this contact information if you ever have any questions about your member benefits.

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Rick StuckeyNLGJA Secretary, News Videographer & Video Editor - NBC Chicago

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